Thank you Willmar!

Thanks to the citizen of Willmar for your overwhelming support of this great initiative.

Please check back here for news and project updates.

The next step is approval from the Minnesota State Legislature. Once approved, committees will be finalized, and shovels can start to hit the ground.

If you would like to be involved in a project, please send us a note in the Contact Us section.

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Welcome to invest in Willmar


1. New Community Center

2. Recreation Center/Event Center

3. Recreation Multipurpose fields

4. Robbins Island enhancements

5. Swansson Field upgrades

6. Storm water funding

Let's make Willmar a better place.

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About Us

What we are all about

Invest in Willmar is a citizen based, grassroots campaign with the purpose of improving and growing our community's infrastructure to help Willmar to continue to be a place that businesses and families want to call home. 

How we are doing it

Through a local .5% sales tax that will  raise $30,000,000 over 13 years, we have 6 great projects planned.



Click Funding above to learn more about how this local sales tax will work. 

Contact Us

If you support our mission, please send us a note using the form below. We may use your endorsement to help encourage others to gather and give their support.

Please send us a note if you wish to help support our efforts.

 Steering committe:

Tony Amon

Jon Konold 

Matt Dawson 

 Mary Sawatzky

Dave Baumgart

Rachel Skretvedt 

PO Box 106 Willmar, MN 56201

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